How To Make Easy Sushi At Home For Beginners

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Making Sushi at home can be fun if you know the right way to make it. At the first time, you may face various problems in the process. Give me all your worries. You just have to follow my instructions one by one. Don’t panic reading the instructions. As I am not showing the ways practically, you have to be very careful in the entire process. To avoid unwanted circumstances, you can seek help from others who already made this recipe at their home. If you have nobody near you to help, then start from the first step.

Arrange the ingredients: You have to arrange a bundle of things to make the recipe a good one. If you are a beginner, you must have a good idea about the ingredients first. Each of the ingredients will add a different taste and color to the recipe. Arrange the things eventually like Sushi rice, a bamboo mat, plastic wrap, nori, soy sauce, seaweed, wasabi, pickled ginger, onion, oil, and so on. Get the things in your kitchen. Place all the ingredients on a table so that you can use them one by one.

Arrange the vegetable, fruits, and proteins: Next, only the rice is not enough for the recipe. As you are a beginner, in this case, you can add some easy vegetables to add more taste. Before choosing the vegetables, you should think about the preparation process of the vegetables. You have to cut each of the vegetables into tiny pieces. However, you can add vegetables like cucumber, asparagus, avocado, carrots, yucca, sprouts, lettuce, bell peppers, red onion, sweet potatoes, and so on.

In the term of fruits, you can add several fruits that you would like to take with the Sushi rice. You add the fruits easily like pineapple, mango, apple, and so on. Try to avoid any fruit that tastes bitter. It will ruin the taste of the Sushi rice.

You will have a better taste if you can add a little bit of tuna fish. Take the flesh area only. Cook the fish separately and add on the bamboo mat before rolling up. Adding meat can be a good option too. Listen, all these ingredients depend on your choice. You can customize the food chart regarding your demand.

Look: When you are buying these ingredients from your local market, you must be very careful so that you may not buy any rotten thing. You can use frozen things if you have anything in your refrigerator.

Cook the Sushi rice: Take a suitable amount of Sushi rice in a bowl. Count the members in your house and measure the rice so that you may experience a shortage of food. Put the bowl on the burner with fresh water. Keep heating the bowl for 20 minutes. Cover the mouth and stay for 10 minutes. After 30 minutes, turn off the burner. Keep the rice in this position for 15 minutes more. The rice should be cooked at this time.

Season the rice with vinegar: Add vinegar to the cooked rice. You can use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. If you have rice vinegar in your refrigerator, you can use it too. Add vinegar with salt. Take a cup to measure the amount of vinegar. Start with ½ cup of vinegar and taste.

Prepare the vegetables and other ingredients: Wash out the vegetables with fresh water and cut them into tiny pieces. If the vegetables need to cook, then cook them first with the necessary ingredients. With the vegetables, you have to prepare the fruits and fish or meat too. Cook them one by one.

Place the bamboo mat: Place the bamboo mat in a flat place. To avoid sticky issues, you can use plastics on the bamboo mat. Gather everything besides the mat. It’s the funniest part.

Fill up the mat with the prepared ingredients: Spread Sushi rice on the mat slowly. You should not fill out the place with just the rich. Then, add the vegetables one by one on the mat. You should know the right amount of vegetables. Finish up all mates like the previous way.

Roll up and finish: Roll up the bamboo mat with a little bit of squeeze. Serve the homemade Sushi rice to your near and dear.

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