How To Make Sushi At Home Like A Pro

You can make Sushi at home like a pro by following the instructions below. Don’t miss to be familiar with the instruction first. Read out the instructions and try it. Remember, you may not get the result like an expert for the first time.

Gather the ingredients: You will need a bowl, a kettle, spoon, sushi rice, vinegar, soya sauce, oil, and so on.

Arrange the extra ingredients: Here, you can arrange vegetables like cucumber, avocado, green onion, red chilies, fish, meat, fruits, and so on. It depends on you which vegetables and protein you would like to add.

Prepare the rice: Select the best Sushi rice from the local market. You can buy this rice from online shops but you should check out the quality of the rice with your hands. Buy a suitable amount of rice that will be sufficient for you and your guests. Take the rice in a bowl to wash out the rice. You can use warm water to wash the rice. Warm water cleans anything better than normal water.

After washing, place the rice in a kettle to cook. Place the kettle on the burner with sufficient water. Measure the volume of water with a cup or pod. The cooking time and taste will depend on the volume of water. Cover the kettle so that no air can come out from the kettle. It will help the rice to be cooked first. Wait for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes lessen the power of the burner. Stay for more than 10 minutes in this position. Then, turn off the burner and wait for more than 10 minutes. By this time, the Sushi rice should be cooked.

Season with vinegar: This is an important part of this recipe. You have to select the perfect vinegar to mix with the Sushi rice. You can use the vinegar that you have stored in your refrigerator. However, I am not sure how it will taste. For better taste, you should buy white vinegar from the local market. If you are a lucky person, then you will get a special vinegar for Sushi rice in the market.

Start with ½ cup of vinegar. Put the vinegar in the kettle and mix them using a long tail spoon. Don’t hurry or you may lose the shape of the rice. After mixing the vinegar, you check out the taste. If you feel any need for vinegar, then add more undoubtedly. Follow the same way during the entire process.

Prepare the ingredients: Now, prepare other ingredients like vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat. You can include and exclude any ingredients as per your demand. Select the bundle of vegetables that you want to include in the rice. Then, wash out the vegetables with fresh water and cut them into tiny pieces. After cutting, cook them with the necessary ingredients. Make sure the vegetables are well-cooked.

In the case of fruits, you can cut them into pieces only. Try to avoid the fruits that can hamper the actual taste of the recipe. On the other hand, cook fish and meat with necessary ingredients so that they can add extra taste.

Set the bamboo mat: Arrange all the ingredients on a table including the bamboo mat, plastic wrap, and seaweed. Place the bamboo mat on the table to set the plastic wrap. You can avoid plastic wrap. However, it will help you to avoid the sticky issues of rice and other ingredients.

Place other ingredients besides the mat so that you can put them accordingly as you want. Make sure you have placed the plastic wrap on the bamboo mat properly.

Lay seaweed: Now, lay the seaweed over the bamboo mat. Remember, you are trying to make the recipe like a pro. So, think like a pro. Put the Sushi rice on the seaweed flat. Spread the rice over the mat with a spoon. You can use your hands too so that you can make the shape nice.

Put down the ingredients: After rice, it’s time to spread other ingredients into the mat. Start with the vegetables. Lay the pieces of fruits at the last time. Finish with meat or fish.

Roll up: Now, take the bamboo mat in your hands to roll. Roll up the wrap slowly so that it becomes a nice roll. You are ready to serve the recipe.

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