What are some vegetarian meals with mashed potatoes?

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Some vegetarian meals go with mashed potatoes. Some recipes are here

1. Mashed Potato with Cashew Cream

Mashed potato with cashew cream is a simple but delicious recipe. You can mash it with potato, onion, and garlic. Add some cashew cream with these mashed potatoes.

It’s a perfect warm dish you can serve without any confusion.

2. Mashed potatoes with carrots

Mashed potato with carrot is good food for those who eat vegan grain-free or paleo. Mix mashed potatoes with root vegetables.

Add creamy almond milk and coconut cream.

This nutty flavor of the root vegetables with mashed potatoes creates a satisfying dish. You can add this dish to any menu for a family party.

3. Mashed Cauliflower green beans

Toast green beans with coconut milk, onions, and nutritional yeast. Then mash the cauliflower with garlicky bread crumb topping.

Now mix the mashed potatoes with mashed cauliflower and green beans. Now, this texture is ready to serve.

4. Mashed potatoes with Mushroom and Carrot

This dish is delicious. Follow these steps to make this mashed potato dish.

· Take avocado oil in a pan and heat it for 2–4 minutes on high heat.

· Add carrots to hot oil and saute for about 10 minutes.

· Now add the mushrooms and saute again for 10 minutes. Then add spinach and saute it to the pan

· Now, add the creamy garlic mashed potatoes. With all the ingredients mix it very well.

· Now serve and eat it.

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